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comenius project Comenius, a european commission-funded education programme, deals with pre-school, primary and post-primary education.

The comenius project took place between september 2013 and june 2015 following a lengthy application process, we were very fortunate to have been awarded €25 000 of european union funding. The comenius trip to london 1st-6th february on the 2nd of february 2013, thanks to the comenius project, students from spain, poland and the czech republic came to london to experience what life in london is like as a student and they also visited tourist sites and places. During the afternoon they had free time to visit the town and at night we went to an old winery for dinner we started with a venencia contest, many teachers got presents. Grants for pre-school and school education up to the level of the end of upper secondary education, and for the institutions and organisations providing such education. Dynamat is a comenius project, focused on a dynamical approach to various mathematical topics, suitable for secondary schools and prospective mathematics teachers.

comenius project Comenius, a european commission-funded education programme, deals with pre-school, primary and post-primary education.

A 4th, and last, mobility activity took place in zilina - slovakia - between 25th and 29th may 2009this visit enabled teachers to share both activities and work done in our schools and enabled staff to finish our project. Comenius project in january 2014 the academy was chosen by the british council as one of seven international schools to participate in an exciting cross-curricular. Portal to the previous lifelong learning programme (llp), as well as the sub-programmes comenius, erasmus, grundtvig, jean monnet, and leonardo da vinci.

Comenius project let us save de endangered species the iberian lynx iberian lynx kingdom: animalia phylum: chordata class: mammalia order: carnivora family: felidae genus: lynx species: pardinus. Euro peace event for five days in march our school, ysgol parch thomas ellis, holyhead, hosted the comenius project for peace in europe euro peace event for five. The comenius programme funds teaching innovation projects in higher education, proposed by excellent teachers and education professionals. Posts about comenius project written by pasca95, vbelle31, augusta9, buccy18, enrico456, valevaly, and oldbulllee.

Dear all prticipants i am happy to announce that our multilatreral project have got the award as the example of the best practice given by the comenius polish national agency. The comenius project render support for primary and secondary education it was named after the czech philosopher who lived in the 17 century. A european project between belgian, french and german students. Comenius: europe in the classroom is part of the eu’s lifelong learning programme our comenius group consists of 11 schools in different countries.

Official page about tudor vianu national college of computer science's participation in the 2010 ict comenius project held between 2010 and 2011. On march 10th 2014, comenius ceo dick r bliek signed an agreement with the company blue project reality, representing a saudi. Comenius - school education comenius 2: training of the main element of the project is the learning of languages by means of work on a topic of mutual. Members of staff and pupils from our school for the past two scholastic years have participated in a comenius project with an environmental theme – it’s fun to be in and green.

Comenius project healthy european citizen musicaramos loading unsubscribe from musicaramos cancel unsubscribe working subscribe subscribed. John amos comenius: john amos comenius comenius turned to an even more ambitious project—the reform of human society through education.

  • Thank you very much again for the great work done during this two years of our project it brings up all of us really nice memories this school year is already over, summer is here and let's enjoy the well-deserved holidays.
  • Welcome to our comenius blog the topic of our project is connecting generations through expressions of diffenrent arts students and teachers from austria, denmark, italy and poland will share experiences, knowledge and time for the next few months together in the comenius project.

We welcome you to our blog for the project comenius of 11th gymnasium of larissa, greece soon, photos, information and all the relevant d. The first comenius leadership fellows are granted six professionals in higher education will be able to implement their ideals and ideas for educational innovations. The final mobility to france from april 20th to april 25th 2015. Because educational exchanges are not just for adults, the comenius programme was created there is no age limit for travelling and discovering other cultures and even younger students can go abroad as part of their education.

comenius project Comenius, a european commission-funded education programme, deals with pre-school, primary and post-primary education. Download
Comenius project
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